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Yearbook Layout Mistakes to Avoid: Gutter Area

layout mistakes

Here are some of the most common errors our Print Quality Specialists catch when reviewing orders for photo books. The gutter, most simply put, refers to the area where opposing pages of your photo book meet. You can also think of it as the binding area. The following screenshot is an example of where the […]

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3 Different Yellow Warning Triangles to AVOID!

Thumbnail image for 3 Different Yellow Warning Triangles to AVOID!

When making an online yearbook or custom photo albums with our easy to use editor, there are a few queues our editor provides to keep your creative uses flowing. One of the most important is the yellow triangle icon alerts that let you know something is amiss in your project. In this post, we will […]

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Mixbook for Educators Video

Recommend by teachers throughout the county, Mixbook is a great educational tool and this short video will show you why. Mixbook is easy-to-use, can be accessed anywhere and there is no cost to share or create a project. From photo cards to your very own wedding album, Mixbook has a template to match your style. […]

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Creating and Uploading Your Own Photo Book Pages

Uploading a custom page is easy with our easy to use photo book maker online! If you or your students created a custom page in an outside program, such as Photoshop or InDesign. You can simply upload the page into your Mixbook project. While this gives you complete designing freedom, there are a few guidelines […]

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How to Change Themes

At Mixbook, we offer over 100 different themes to choose from. With so many options it’s hard sometimes to decide. If your having troubles making a choice, have no fear! You can change themes within a project as many times as you like or until you find that perfect theme. Remember, you can always upload a pre-made theme you or […]

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How to Preview, Review and Grade a Project

Grading a project

Previewing, grading and editing a students work is much simpler than you may think! First off, let’s explain the difference between previewing a project and viewing it through the Mixbook Editor. When you are viewing a project through the Editor, there is always the possibility of accidentally moving elements in the book. However, through the […]

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Introduction to Mixbook

If you’re creating your first project using Mixbook, be sure to watch this how-to video. This is also a great tool to share with students and faculty members when sharing the benefits of Mixbook. Enjoy!  

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How to Invite Students and Faculty to Contribute to a Mixbook Project

Planning a class project, fundraiser, or yearbook? Create a beautiful password-protected project with students and other faculty members with Mixbook! Adding contributors allows everyone to upload their personal photos and stickers, write comments, and proofread the work in the same book—allowing the entire group to take ownership of the project! So how do you invite […]

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